Progressing the 

Human Experience


Experienced research, strategy and design practitioners, who have worked on global insights, brand and innovation projects in over 25 countries.


Our core purpose is to help businesses design new ways of living – enabling humans to thrive, work, move, change – today and tomorrow.

We operate at the intersection of brand, culture and technology.


Creating meaning through new expressions, experiences and business models.


Visibility to the human
perspective and broader sociocultural contexts.


Applied innovation for
existing, emerging or
future technologies.

Human-centricity means looking beyond what the eye can see

Empathy is critical to uncover the human perspective of what’s happening currently, however, to identify what could be means understanding the dynamics of the underlying systems, often beyond the view of consumers, users, customers or employees.

We do two things and we do them exceptionally well

Context-Centric Research

Sociotechnical approach to insight, blending human and system perspectives.

Strategic Design

Designing future generation products, services, brands, and businesses.


A Day

We regularly provide talks, presentations or workshops to help inspire teams.

A Sprint

Bringing speed and agility to the front-end of a design process.

A Programme

Longer-term partnership, appropriate for multi-phase transformation initiatives.

A Project

From problem to prototype, one team moving in sync with yours.


Our team has had the privilege to collaborate with some of the world’s most ambitious brands and organisations.


Born in London.

Making the world home.

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There are not currently any open vacancies.


We’re always looking for progressive, creative, forward-thinking strategists, designers, researchers, technologists, futurists, entrepreneurs and engineers.


If you don’t easily fit into one of these categories, you’re likely to fit in with us. Drop us an email and your CV on:

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